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Hi, This is the page where you can reach out to me personally. Please make sure you include your phone number or Skype information because I feel that some conversations are better had on the phone versus email. Thanks for reaching out. Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

I ask for your phone number so I can reach out via phone if it makes more sense!


avatarRecently I had the opportunity to receive coaching from Laura Atchison at Author 101. Laura is presence personified - she met me right where I was; gently challenged assumptions I didn't even know I was making;  asked the right questions to open up alternatives without raising defenses or resistance; and offered me her heartfelt support and encouragement. In 15 minutes, she helped me claim my 'title' as an expert and gain more clarity about my audience - that kind of pin-pointed skill is priceless. I highly recommend working with her.

Shannon Crossman
Shannon Crossman