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Hi, This is the page where you can reach out to me personally. Please make sure you include your phone number or Skype information because I feel that some conversations are better had on the phone versus email. Thanks for reaching out. Looking forward to continuing the conversation!

I ask for your phone number so I can reach out via phone if it makes more sense!


"I came into contact with Laura as she was writing her book, What Would a Wise Woman Do. I found her to be an inspired thinker and author, and a highly personal and professional business leader. Her book and speaking platform raised valuable questions for me as an entrepreneur and woman--questions I've continued to re-ask and refine to arrive at even better solutions. Even after our project together completed, I've had the opportunity to witness her generous spirit in action as she guides others towards the resources and wisdom she has gathered along the way. I highly recommend Laura for any speaking, writing, or coaching project--or as a business partner who will help you get the most from your processes and path."

Jocelyn Godfrey
Spiritus Communications