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I love my sponsors and I hope you will too! They are amazing companies with real people who return phone calls and emails and are in business to help you and your business grow. Consider them for your next business need and let me know how they have been able to help you too. logo



Contact information – Joe Foley (

They specialize in one stop full package production of CDs, DVDs, Printing, Packaging, and Integrated Fulfillment but they really do so much more!


Laughlin Associates – We are getting ready to start a series of webinars together on how to create compelling questions to move your business forward. 


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I had the honor of working with PNC Bank at the Honda Classic Women’s Executive Day where my books were in the gift bags handed out to all attendees! Their support for Women in Business is comprehensive.





Every day we make choices.  Some big, some small.  Those choices are the pebbles and stones that form the path of our lives.  Laura Atchison’s What Would a Wise Woman Do shows you how to ask the right questions at every turn to create the path of your dreams.

Melissa Tosetti, author of Living The Savvy Life
The Savvy Life