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Laura Steward

About Laura

Laura Steward is a speaker, author, and founder of Wisdom Learned, LLC – a consulting company specializing in educating and inspiring entrepreneurial leaders to get off autopilot and find success.

Previously, Laura used her 29+ year experience in both Fortune 100 and small businesses to launch and sell her own highly-competitive IT company—garnering her recognition and coverage from national industry publications and associations as a leading provider of managed technology services.

Besides holding numerous technical degrees and serving on multiple charity and corporate boards, Laura holds a masters degree in management and organizational behavior. Her business and life philosophy gleaned from her diverse experience and lessons learned in the trenches is simple: Treat everyone better than they expect to be treated—while collecting and dispensing wit and wisdom to grow along the way. And always ask the right questions.

How to ask the right questions?

Learn more or connect at:  laurasteward.com